We invest in the Interchain

Tendermint Ventures is accelerating an interchain future with 1 million blockchains

As part of Tendermint’s mission to build an internet of blockchains, Tendermint Ventures supports the Cosmos Ecosystem through strategic investments in promising projects working towards that vision.

Our Investments

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Investment Focus

Functions we want to fund

An internet of blockchains requires a constellation of projects.

Tendermint Ventures is actively looking to support projects that provide the following functionalities:
  • Staking Derivatives
  • Decentralized Lending and Borrowing
  • Decentralized Stablecoins
  • Decentralized Derivatives
  • Decentralized Insurance
  • Oracles
If you’re building projects with these functionalities, we want to hear from you.
About Us

About Tendermint Ventures

Cosmos is the interchain: a network of decentralized, independent, and scalable blockchains that serve as the foundation for a new token economy.

Tendermint is a blockchain development company that builds and maintains critical infrastructure for the Cosmos ecosystem.

Tendermint Ventures makes strategic investments in promising projects in the Cosmos ecosystem.

Build with Cosmos

Launch on Cosmos with Tendermint Ventures

Whether you’re a builder or a backer, Tendermint Ventures is looking forward to hearing from you.