Our vision

At Tendermint Inc., we aim to create open networks in order to manage conflict and empower people to align on universal goals to enact positive societal and environmental change.


Digital assets secured on Cosmos blockchains


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Projects in the Cosmos & Tendermint ecosystem


What we’re working on

Tendermint Inc. leads innovation with Tendermint Core, the leading BFT engine for building blockchains. Our Cosmos SDK is the world’s most popular blockchain framework, and we are establishing the standard for interchain communication with the IBC protocol.

Tendermint Core

Cosmos SDK

IBC Protocol


Who we are

Jae Kwon
CEO & Founder
Ethan Buchman
Peng Zhong
Chief Design Officer
Chjango Unchained
Director of Community
Gautier Marin
Developer Relations Engineer
Sunny Aggarwal
Research Scientist
Shelley Chang
Director of Operations
Michelle Leech
PR & Corporate Comms
Jin Kwon
Chief of Staff & Partnerships
Aleksandr Bezobchuk
Senior Software Engineer
Alessio Treglia
Head of EMEA Partnerships
Mircea Colonescu
Senior DevOps Engineer
Hans Schoenberg
Developer Relations Engineer
Jordan Sexton
Lead Front End Engineer
Brent Xu
Director of Special Projects
Peter Haymond
Developer Relations Engineer
Kelsey Lopez
Operations Administrator
Chris Abejon
Director of Finance
Denis Fadeev
Front End Developer
Aditya Sripal
Software Engineer
Nass Donald
UI/UX Designer
Natalia Puntel
Senior Manager, Recruiting
Cyrus Goh
Front End Engineer
Adriana Mihai
Community Advocate
Josh Lee
Korea Community Advocate / Developer Relations
Maura Jeffery
Jonathan Gimeno
Software Engineer
Carolyn Pehrson
Executive Assistant
Jeff Schibel
VP of People
Helder Moreira
Senior DevOps Engineer